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Got a question about insurance? Want to find out what type of insurance will work for you and your family? Here are some of the most common queries about the right type of insurance.

Your policy is due at the anniversary of the commencement dates of your policy. You may also contact the Customer Care Team on 0700GOLDLINK or customercare@goldlinkplc.com. You will need to provide your policy number, which is on your policy document and is always quoted on all the correspondence we send to you.

Please contact the Customer Care Team on 0700GOLDLINK or customercare@goldlinkplc.com.You will need to provide your policy number, which is on your policy document and is always quoted on all the correspondence we send to you.

Provided you have given us all the information and documents we require, we can usually settle your claim within 7 days. At your request, we can credit your account online if you provide your account details.

It is easy to monitor your policy through SMS or email address when we have your basic data/details. When you fill our Know Your Customer (KYC) form, it makes it easier to send updates on your policy

Kindly read through the Terms and Conditions stated in your policy document.

Our Children’s Education Endowment will provide this cover for you. Please see our product page for more details.

Your type of policy determines whether you pay your premium monthly, bi-annually or annually.

Our Goldlink Flexi-Dowment Insurance will do just that. Please go to our product page for more details.

We accept Cheques, Bank Draft or Direct Debit. You can also pay via the following platforms:

  • SlipFree Account: Walk into any branch of First City Monument Bank (FCMB) and pay for any of our policies via Goldlink SlipFree. There is no need for our Account Number.

  • WebPay: Log on to our www.goldlinkplc.com, click on our secured WebPay option. Complete your payment using your Debit Card.

  • MPOS: Walk up to any of our Branch Office or Marketing Agent of Goldlink nearer to you and pay for your policy using the mPOS with your Debit Card.

Please ensure that you obtain a receipt of payment from any representative of Goldlink that you make a payment to.

Yes, we have several policies like this. Kindly got to our product page to read more about the following products: Endowment Assurance; Goldlink Uni-dowment, Goldlink Flexi-Dowment and GICO Savings

A Group Life Insurance Policy provides benefits on the death of any member of a defined Group. A group is defined as a number of people who have come together for reasons other than insurance, e.g. for employment.

Once you have five or more employees in your establishment, according to the 2004 Pension Reform Act, it is mandatory to have a Group Life Insurance Policy in force for the benefit of employees.

You will give us employees or members’ names, dates of birth, sex, emoluments (basic salary,housing and transport allowances at the very least).

The benefit payable is the sum assured stated on the Group Life Schedule forwarded to you when we provide a quotation. Note that the law requires a payment of at least three times the total annual emoluments of an employee. The minimum payment must include the employees’ basic salary, transport and housing allowances. However, this amount may be higher if you asked us to include other emoluments such as lunch allowance.

With Goldlink Comprehensive Motor Insurance cover, your premium will take care of: legal liability to other people’s property; theft or damage to your car; storm and fire cover.

When you purchase a new car during the period of insurance with us, we will provide temporary cover from the date of purchase to a maximum of 14 days, if you:
• provide us with the full details of the new car within 14 days of taking ownership;
• receive our agreement to cover your new car; and
• Pay any additional premium required. The temporary cover type applying to the new car is the same as your existing cover type. Please refer to the Car Insurance PDS for more information about the cover available.

Homeowner insurance covers damage from incidents such as fire, theft, and vandalism to your house, adjacent structures like a garage or shed, and your personal belongings. It covers living expenses if your house becomes temporarily unusable, and liability in case you or a member of your household injures someone or damages their property.

If your house is damaged by a covered peril, your policy provides Loss of Use Coverage. This Coverage provides "Additional Living Expenses" over and above your normal living costs. The coverage amount is usually 20 percent of the coverage on your home.